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Eating Schoolgirls: Osaka Telephone Club (1997)

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Eating Schoolgirls: Osaka Telephone Club (1997)
Also Known As: Eat the Schoolgirl
IMDB LINK:http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0450004/
Cast:Katou Michiru || Fujita Yuuki || Aoki Kozue || Yamazaki Maria ||
Misawa Shirou || Takebashi Dan || Yuuki Tetsuya || Sugawara Kenji ||
Kawamoto Tadao || Hasegawa Noboyuki || Yokota Naoki || Ootsubo Tsuyoshi
Directed: Naoyuki Tomomatsu
Genre: Adult : Sex Horror
Runtime: 1:00:14
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: ENGLISH .srt

“Eat The Schoolgirl” is a very disturbing film directed by the director of “Stacy”, Naoyuki Tomomatsu.
two young adults who made a dirty work for a yakuza gang by making
sadistic rape/snuff films. Both of them are sexually obsessed; one is
addicted to telephone sex whilst the other can only function sexually,
whilst seeing mutilated female corpses.

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