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修女艾曼纽[意大利限制級]([email protected]空@无字)

片名 修女艾曼纽 Suor Emanuelle (1977)689.6 MB
导演: Giuseppe Vari
编剧: Marino Onorati
主演: 劳拉·贾姆瑟 / Mónica Zanchi / Gabriele Tinti
类型: 剧情
制片国家/地区: 意大利
语言: 意大利语
上映日期: 1977-08-10
片长: 88 分钟
又名: Sister Emanuelle
IMDb链接: tt0078344
Year: 1977

Duration: 01:27:48

Directed by: Giuseppe Vari

Actors: Laura Gemser, Mónica Zanchi, Gabriele Tinti, Vinja Locatelli

Language: Italian

Country: Italy

Also known as: Suor Emanuelle, Sor Emanuelle, Emanuelle nunnaluostarissa, Emanuelle et les collégiènnes

Description: Renouncing her “sinful” past, Emanuelle has entered a convent and has dedicated herself to a life of service. Enter Monika, the free-spirited, free-loving daughter of a wealthy Baron. Emanuelle is charged with keeping Monika in line, but when the young girl’s wild ways bring back memories of her own sensual past, Emanuelle begins questioning her own religious and sexual identity. Advances from an escaped killer who is hiding in the convent serve to complicate matters further.

艾曼纽尔放弃她的“罪恶”的过去,已经进入一个修道院和献身给上帝。莫妮卡,自由奔放,热爱自由的一个富有的男爵的女儿因为生活太放荡二呗送进修道院学 习,但年轻女孩的野路子时带回她自己的感官过去的回忆,艾曼纽尔开始质疑自己的宗教和性别身份。同时一个逃脱杀手藏匿在修道院,使得事情进一步使问题复杂 化。

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