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本舗中村屋11130-独占プレミアム動画! アジア芸能界の悲惨な事情 vol.39

Korean Girl with Japanese Guy Vol. 39

You probably already know this series, since it’s one of the most popular on here, but for those who don’t know, here’s the basic idea:

This Japanese guy get Korean call girls and secretly films them having sex with him. Yeah, it’s that simple, but the result is so, so good. They try to make up some story on the Japanese site this is from about how these girls are entertainment stars. And while they’re very pretty, I don’t think that’s really true, but feel free to suspend your disbelief if that’s what you’re into.

【影片名稱】:独占プレミアム動画! アジア芸能界の悲惨な事情 vol.39
【文件容量】 2.18 Gb
【馬 賽 克】:無



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