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Video Title: Daze Raper
Also Known As: 迷姦犯, Mi jian fan
Year: 1995
Starring: Bobby Au-Yeung Jan Wa, Farini Cheung Yui Ling, Chin Gwan, Gordon Lam Ka Tung, Yu Kwok Lok, Kam Hing Yin, Wong Kam Kong, Hau Woon Ling, Wong Ching Yee, Yin Chai, Kwok Kwei Shing, Ko Lo Man, Ah Sang
Country: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese
Genre: Cat III, Crime, Drama
Subtitle: English, Chinese
Size: 905 MB
Length: 01:30:50
Resolution: 640×480
Video format: XVID

Correction Officer Kwok Kam Hung is a gambling addict and owes alarge sum of money, so he constantly makes money through the immates. The department finds out and fires him. Unemployed, Hung seeks other means to survive and recalls a trick formula that will daze the victim and take the victim’s money. He first tries and succeeds in dazing a prostitute and taking her money. Hung then decides to inject the daze drug into drinks in convenient stores….
[影片名稱]: 迷奸犯
[影片格式]: DAT
[影片大小]: 905MB
[影片語言]: 国粤语
[影片字幕]: 中字
[影片演员]: 欧阳震华、林家栋、钱军
[影片時間]: 90:00

演员:欧阳震华 林家栋 张睿羚
类型:剧情        地区:香港        语言:国粤语       上映时间:1995-11-22

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