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No.Regret 绝不后悔[韩国限制級](AVI@2空@中英字)

Title: No Regret
Revised romanization: Huhwihaji anha
Hangul: 후회하지 않아
Genre: Drama | Melodrama
Director: Lee Song Hee-Il
Writer: Lee Song Hee-Il
Producer: Peter Kim, Kim Jo Kwang Su
Release Date: November 16, 2006
Runtime: 113 min
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea
Subtitles: Chinese | English (.srt)

Lee Young-Hoon – Lee Su-min
Kim Nam-Gil – Song Jae-min
Hyeon-cheol Jo
Kim Dong-Wook
Seung-kil Jeong – Madame
Hwa-yeong Kim
Seung-cheol Lee
Kim Jung-Hwa
Park Mi-Hyun
Park Nam-Hee
Min Bok-Gi – client

A working-class South Korean homosexual and a factory owner’s engaged son embark on a clandestine love affair in director Hee-il Leesong’s heartfelt tale of forbidden love. The first-ever South Korean feature by an openly gay filmmaker, No Regret begins as orphan Lee Su-min leaves behind both his rural orphanage and one-time lover. Later finding work at a Seoul factory and sharing an apartment with an unquestionably heterosexual workmate, Lee supplements his income by working nights as a driver for hire. When drunken fare Jae-min Song makes a tentative pass at Lee during a late-night ride home, the uninterested driver rejects the obvious come-on. As it turns out, Song is the son of the factory’s CEO. Later, when a round of layoffs is announced at the factory and Lee’s name appears on the list, Song offers to help the struggling worker, to no avail. Subsequently earning his keep as a lap-dancer at a local strip joint, Lee is disturbed to see Song appear at the club and threatens to kill him if he ever dares return. Though Song’s parents are pressuring him into marriage, the reluctant groom has no interest in taking a bride, and gradually begins to form a relationship with the down-on-his-luck dancer. Despite the comfort they find in one another’s company, simmering class differences soon propel their doomed affair toward a tragic conclusion. ~ Jason Buchanan, Allrovi

性别认同的矛盾和青春期的矛盾,一直是社会关注和争议较大的一个问题。它是不能回避的人类生命本身的议题。同性恋,异性恋,双性恋原本或可都是无可厚非的。是多给一点人性本身生存的空间,还是求全,或求同纯异…? 近期,以同性恋题材的韩国电影《不后悔》正悄然的在韩国观众之间引来了不同的凡响。首映一周内创下了1万观影流量,成为了新的电影关注点。电影《不后悔》的官方网站上已经有近9万条的网民帖子,大家各抒己见,对这部电影给于了积极的评价。出乎意料是,好评声远远胜过争议声……

◎译  名 不后悔/绝不后悔

◎年  代 2006

◎国  家 韩国

◎语  言 韩语

◎字  幕 外挂中英文

◎文件大小 1.37G

◎片  长 1:53:21

◎导  演 李宋熙

◎主  演 载民-李汉(电视剧) 殊民-李英勋(短篇电影)

◎简  介 《不后悔》描写了两个男人之间的爱情,财团2世的公子与在牛郎店里打工的贫穷男人之间发生的一段命运般的突破经济及社会地位差别的娓美而带有凄凉的爱情故事,两人的感情不亚于世间男女之间的美丽恋情,而因同性恋情的现实局限相互挣扎的凄美更显得电影充满人情味,直达内心深处。堪称韩国电影史上最大胆、最令人感动的影片。




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