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To You From Me[韩国限制級](AVI@2空@无字)

片名 Movie: To You From Me 1994
Revised romanization: neoege naleul bonaenda
原名 Hangul: 너에게 나를 보낸다
内容  Genre: Drama, Erotic  情色
导演 Director: Yeo Kyun-dong
主演 Cast: Moon Sung-keun, Jeong Seon-kyeong
发行 Release Date: 2011/08/22
片长 Runtime: 100 min
语言 Language: Korean
国家 Country: South Korea
字幕 Subtitles: none

剧情  Synopsis (sorry it’s google translate)
‘Or’ plagiarism dispute, but as the elected sinchunmunye dream of a frustrated novelist writes novels while living painting. One has a world-class ass addiction, took a mini-skirt “pants-clad women, ‘a’ or ‘the same thing just because I had a dream that will come to start living. ‘Trouser-clad women,’ a while for the sex ‘or’ leave to go out and her butt as a weapon in the world ‘or’ thoroughly dominate. The more it ‘or’ is bound to love her. On the other hand ‘or’ friends ‘banker’ for a ride once a month salary, bonuses are going to take a double-brothels why obey the principle of the input and output that is his own unique philosophy. But the pressure he must provide for a family portrait sexual function is paralyzed. But ‘I’ and ‘banker’ juice is always a cafe to talk about sex. ‘Trouser-clad women, “the book, while a psychotic paranoid ass hepeuge wield their world. One day, ‘or’ the death of the aunt dwibakkwinda everyone’s life.

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