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Calling All Police Cars 警车总动员[意大利限制級](AVI@2空@英字)

英文名 Title: Calling All Police Cars
又名 AKA: The Maniac Responsible |  Without Trace
年代 Year: 1975
原名 Original title: …a tutte le auto della polizia
片长 Runtime: 1 hour 39 minutes
国家 Country: Italy
语言 Language: Italian
字幕 Subtitles: English (.srt)
内容 Genre: Crime | Horror | Thriller | Giallo
导演 Director: Mario Caiano
主演 Cast

Antonio Sabato … Commissario Fernando Solmi
Luciana Paluzzi … Ispettrice Giovanna Nunziante
Enrico Maria Salerno … Police Chief Carraro
Gabriele Ferzetti … Professore Andrea Icardi
Elio Zamuto … Professore Giacometti
Ettore Manni … Enrico Tummoli
Marino Masé … Franz Hekker – ‘Francesco Pagano’
Bedy Moratti … Emilia Icardi
Adriana Fiore … Stripper
Franco Ressel   … Gynaecologist
Margherita Horowitz  … Antonietta – Icardi’s maid
Tino Bianchi … Police Commissioner
Valentino Macchi … Petrol Station Attendant
Andrea Lala   … Marshall Attardi
Benedetto Benedetti

剧情 Plot / Synopsis

At the core of Without Trace is a story about a young girl who is the daughter a prominent doctor. When the girl goes missing her father gets the police to jump into action because of his class status / wealth. Early on this provides one in the story this provides one of the many intricate back stories. There is a loose cannon detective who takes offense to the fact that the police bend over backwards when someone of wealth is involved and drag their feet when it is someone from a poverty background. Things quickly change when the young girls body is discovered and this detective become more sympathetic towards her.
10,000 Bullets review
A teenage girl from a wealthy family mysteriously disappears. After her body is found at the bottom of a lake the police begin an intense investigation that leads to a teenage prostitution ring and several more bloody murders, but the actual killer may be someone much closer to the home.

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