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La bonne 堕落[意大利限制級](AVI@2空@英字)

片名 Title: The Corruption
年代 Year: 1986
原名 Original title: La bonne
片长 Runtime: 1 hour, 22 minutes (Uncut version)
国家 Country: Italy
语言 Language: Italian
字幕 Subtitles: English (.srt) | Brazilian (.srt)
内容 Genre: Erotic | Drama | Romance 情色
导演 Director: Salvatore Samperi
主演 Cast
Florence Guérin … Anna
Trine Michelsen … Angela
Cyrus Elias
Benito Artesi
Ida Eccher
Rita Savagnone
Silvio Anselmo
Lorenzo Lena
Clara Bertuzzo
Antonia Cazzola
Roberta Orlandi
Antonella Ponziani
Bruna Simionato

剧情 Plot / Synopsis
This is the story of love, lust and power that is generated between a housewife and her maid. Politicized under the Italy of the fifties, we grow the relationship between Anna and Angela, to the point where the class boundaries are blurred.
Perhaps not well known, or simply relegated to the corner of the cover embarrassing erotic, the characters in this tale of class struggle, is a homemaker, wife of a powerful politician, a little frigid, by his elderly mother, and extremely dissatisfied, and a cheerful young servant girl rude, Field, a virgin, but nothing innocent. Among them will be developing a history of gay corruption, in which the two will alternate the role of dominant to dominated in a fight in which eroticism is the key that unlocks the hidden corners of the soul, and leads to the more subtle transgressions.
And all told quietly, darkly warm, with the steady hand of maestro Salvatore Samperi.

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