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Tokyo Train Girls 3 亵渎天使[日本限制級](AVI@2空@英字)

片名:亵渎天使/揺れる电车の中で破られたナースパンスト/Tokyo Train Girls 3 The Sensuous Nurse
又名 A.K.A: The Sensuous Nurse
主演 Cast:Asuka Io, Chinatsu Izawa, Seiji Karasawa, Shinji Yamaguchi, Tomomi Aizu
导演 Directed: Tadashi Kyôya
内容 Genre: Pinku | Erotica 情色
片长 Runtime: 74min
国家 Country: Japan
语言 Language: Japanese
字幕 Subtitles: ENGLISH .idx.sub 外挂英字

剧情 Plot:
明日香自小希望成為出色的護士,首日上班卻在電上遇到色狼,幾番掙扎終逃離車廂但是卻因此遲到。護士前輩彌生教她要小心醫院的所有男性,可惜,一切已經太 遲,院長繼承人早己看上美麗年輕的明日香 “一天,那些實習醫生強姦了明日香,更把整個凌辱過程攝錄下來” 明日香發誓不會放過他們!
A young nurse struggles to fit in at a hospital for of degenerates.
Once again the actress’s who headline this film Asuka Io and Chinatsu Izawa, are actresses who are more known for their work in JAV (Japanese Adult Video). The film’s introduction is handle by Asuka Io who remarks that this is her first appearance in a V Cinema film (Japanese direct-to-video release). Just like the previous entries in the Tokyo Train Girls series this film also centers around a specific profession. This time around the focus is on a nurse and the hospital that she works at. The plot for this film deals with jealously as all the nurses compete to have their chance with the handsome and successful young doctor.

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