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Kristi and the Time Machine (2011)

Kristi and the Time Machine (2011)
Genre: Erotic, Trash
Directed by: Richard Stalin
Starring: Kristi Lust, Maria Vaslova, Viktoria Vee, Robyn Harte, Rovert Yelrab, Clare Hill, Baron Trench

About the film: Trash film in the style of Abducted by the Dalecs & Mark of the Whip. Scientists have invented a time machine and the onslaught vysshestoyaschih decided to send Dr. Christie to an experimental trip, even if the machine is not fully completed and not a lot of buggy. Clothing course through time does not get transferred, so Christie had to travel in a completely nude. The car is damaged and the best girls totally out of luck, all the time thieves and perverts get, and they are doing it with anything …

Issued: Poland “Teraz Films”
Duration: 1:46:20
Translation: no (English language)

Format: WMV
Quality: DVDRip
Video: 2315 kb / s, 720×480
Audio: WMA, 8355 kb / s (2 ch)
Size: 1,77 GB



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