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Paris, France 法國的巴黎[歐美限制級]([email protected]空@中字)

【影片片名】:法國的巴黎 [中文字幕]
【影片又名】:Paris, France + LE PORNOGRAPHE.
【平均評價】:★★★★★★☆→6.1 顆星.  (豆瓣評價)
【影片大小】:1.49 GB  (2碟)
【影片時間】:03:25:48  (2碟)
【影片格式】:AVI  (DVD→轉制AVI)
【主要演員】:Jean-Pierre Leaud, eremie Renier, Dominique Blanc, Catherine Mouchet, 萊斯利·霍普, Peter Outerbridge, Victor Ertmanis, Thibault de Montalembert, Andre Marcon, Alice Houri, Ovidie, Laurent Lucas, Titof.  等.
【語種發音】:英.法語發音. 簡體中文字幕.
【影片內容】:時裝.成人.劇情.淫亂.挑情.情色.誘惑.愛慾.  等.
【影片片商】:Production Co: Alliance. Transeuropa Video Entertainment (TVE)
【1.法國的巴黎 劇情簡介】:


◎分級:阿根廷:18 澳大利亞:R 芬蘭:K-16 西班牙:18 英國:18 美國:NC-17


Jacques Laurent made pornographic films in the 1970’s and ’80’s, but had put that aside for 20 years. His artistic ideas, born of the ’60’s counter-culture, had elevated the entire genre. Older and paunchier, he is now directing a porno again. Jacques’s artistry clashes with his financially-troubled producer’s ideas about shooting hard-core sex. Jacques has been estranged from his son Joseph for years, since the son first learned the nature of the family business. They are now speaking again. Joseph and his friends want to recapture the idealism of 1968 with a protest. Separated from his wife, Jacques strives for personal renewal with plans to build a new house by himself……..


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