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Short! Short! Short! 幻想剧场[韩国剧情]([email protected]空@英字)

Movie: Short! Short! Short!
Revised romanization:: Hwansanggeukjang
Hangul: 환상극장
Genre: •Shorts •Omnibus •Fantasy •Fear
Director: Han Jihyeh (한지혜), Kim Tae-gon (김태곤), Ko Dong-seon (고동선), Lee Kyoo-man (이규만)
Release Date: March 17, 2011
Runtime: 76 min.
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea
KMDB link: http://www.kmdb.or.kr/eng/md_bas … &p_dataid=12635

Cast: Choo Ja Hyun, Lee Hyun Woo, Kim Deanna, Kim Tae Hoon

Produced by Indiestory, the annual Short! Short! Short! Project brings together talented young directors to create a collection of short films presented at the Jeonju Film Festival. After 2009’s Show Me the Money, the 2010 installment titled Fantastic Theater uses the theater as inspiration for three fantasy shorts.

Directed by Lee Kyu Man, “The Famished” is about actors (Choo Ja Hyun and Kwak Min Seok) who eat their own memories to quench their hunger.
Directed by Han Ji Hyeh, “The Loneliness of Butcher Boy” follows a high school student (Lee Hyun Woo, God of Study) who leaves homes after arguing with his father about meat, and runs into a girl (Kim Deanna) who says he’s the next target in the recent wave of serial murders.
Directed by Kim Tae Gon, “Ten Million” – a reference to the benchmark ticket sales for local blockbusters – is a bloody thriller in which filmmakers are getting killed off, and one particular director (Kim Tae Hoon) realizes he’s next in line to die.
《饥饿》舞台上,三名带着面具的演员正在表演一出关于记忆与遗忘、饥饿与空虚、生者与鬼魂的话剧。舞台下,空旷的观众席上坐着一个表情落寞的男人。他试图 与正在消亡的记忆作斗争,试图留下生命中最为宝贵的东西;《你喜欢牛肉吗?》少年泰俊出生于一个屠夫家庭,而他却是素食第一。父亲逼迫他吃肉,令泰俊烦恼 不堪。这时,一个牛头人出现在城市中,而连环杀人案也不断发生,泰俊阴差阳错成了救世主;《1000万》接二连三又不卖座的艺术片导演遭到杀害,电影界一 时间人心惶惶。极具艺术气质的导演白恩古将一部恐怖片拍成了艺术片,引起制片人的不满。不久,他的同侪遭到杀害,而他也成为导演杀手的下一个目标……

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