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Tales of Nights Boxset 2 (2010)

【影片片名】:催情寶鑑 Tales of Nights 後篇 [中文字幕]
【影片又名】:Tales of the Night Boxset 2
【影片大小】:1.68 GB
【影片格式】:AVI  (D9→轉制AVI)
【影片尺度】:三級  (R18+)
【視頻效果】:728X544  (清晰版)
【主演演員】:多人. 姓名不詳.
【語種發音】:韓語發音. 簡體中文字幕.
【影片內容】:時裝.成人.劇情.神秘.艷情.靈異.情色.性幻.愛戀.誘惑.慾望.  等.  
【影片片商】:Orton Clnema Network, Inc.


◎ Disc 1【月光慾】: 故事簡介  548MB  00:42:20

尋死不忘尋歡去 解鈴還須繫鈴人
熱情大解放 只為救人一命?!

     一男子喪妻後生無可戀,選了偏僻荒蕪的舊酒店入住,作為他尋死前的棲身之所。他帶了一瓶酒、一條繩子,患了酗酒症,他越喝越多,越多越想歪,最後就 懸樑自殺。誰知繩子繫好後就聽到女人的叫聲,聲音吸引他到了湖邊浮床,浮床上躺著個迷人仙女,更熱情的撲向他的身體。

◎ Disc 2【紅色誘惑】: 故事簡介  563MB  00:44:55

幻想情人 還是癡情鬼魂
不請自來的肉體歡愉 久送不去的精神折磨

     曹敏英是展覽會場的燈光設計師,在展覽開幕前希望可以先一睹為快,當中迷倒他的是一幅有個身穿紅晚裝紅高跟美女的照片。他在會場發現相中人的身影, 一直追逐至最後只拾到她留下的一隻高跟鞋。女友智恩外遊數天,敏英竟在家人見到相中人珍熙,並跟她發生關係,醒來珍熙就不在了。敏英及後得知珍熙原來已經 死去,培感心寒,但卻難抵心癮,古怪的事情亦接踵而來……

◎ Disc 3【慾望荒島】: 故事簡介  608MB  00:46:28

是緣是夢是情真 還是意外
有日有夜有幻想 能否再等待?

     當年智河和秀珍同遊夢幻島,智河興起要游往海中心,可惜再也沒有回來。秀珍傷心欲絕,到處遊歷企圖忘記傷痛,最後決定重遊夢幻島,給自己一個重生的 機會。民宿老闆告訴秀珍關於島上的傳說,原來被漩渦捲進大海而死的人,都能重回島上,再活一次。秀珍在島上一直碰上怪人,有次一覺醒來更在床邊發現當年跟 智河的合照。


The Moonlight Sonata
A man loses his wife and finds his way to a deserted hotel to spend his last few hours. He brings with him a bottle of wine and a rope; being a serious alcoholic, the more he drinks, the more he finds the meaninglessness in life. At last, he tries to hang himself. While he ties the rope; he hears a woman moaning, the voice attracts him to the lake where he finds a goddess lying on a floating lounger. The goddess throws herself to him passionately. The second night, the man tries to complete the unfinished business and have the rope around his neck. At the very moment, the goddess comes out and stops him, leading his spirit to a patch of green, reminds him once again the beauty between the two sexes. The man wakes up feeling lost about, wondering why he could not kill himself, and soon finds out the true identity of the sexy goddess.

Red High Heels
Cho Myong-in designs the lighting of an exhibition so he wants to take the opportunity to see the artworks before the Grand Opening; one of the artworks catches his eyes, it is a photo with the model in red gown and red high heels. He spots the model on site and follows her until he loses her, and she leaves one of her heels behind. Cho’s girlfriend, Jee-hye is away for a few days; Cho finds the model Chun-hee at his place and refuses to suppress his desire any longer. Cho soon discovers Chun-hee has already died but he is very much indulged in the sexual relationship with her, yet weird things start happening to him……

A Fantastic Island
Su-jin and Je-ha went to Fantasic Island years ago, and Je-ha jumped into the water to have fun but never came back. The heartbroken Su-jin decided to travel around to ease her pain and forget her loss, her ultimate journey is to revisit the Fantastic Island, and give herself a chance to live again as if she has never been hurt. The guesthouse owner tells Su-jin about a myth from their island, where all the deads who were pulled into the deep blue see by a massive swirl, would be able to come back to life once more. Su-jin keeps bumping into a weird man on the island, and even finds an old polaroid of her and Je-ha next to her when she wakes up. She is getting more and more confused: is the stranger her imaginary substitute of Je-ha or did he really come back to life? Seeing the stranger jumping into the sea just as what Je-ha did, Su-jin recklessly jumps in to save him. She nearly drowns her herself, when she wakes up, she is in the strange man’s clothes. Is he a ghost, or the lover from Su-jin’s dreams?


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