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Blood for Dracula (1974)

【影片又名】:Blood for Dracula / 赤裸之吻 / 芳心吸血鬼
【平均評價】:★★★★★★☆→6.2 顆星.  (IMDb評價)
【影片大小】:1.58 GB
【影片格式】:AVI  (D9→轉制AVI)
【影片尺度】:三級   (18+)
【視頻效果】:1032X580  (清晰版)
【主演演員】:Joe Dallesandro / Udo Kier / Vittorio De Sica / Maxime McKendry / Arno Juerging / Milena Vukotic / Dominique Darel / Stefania Casini / Silvia Dionisio / Inna Alexeievna / Gil Cagne / Emi Califri / Eleonora Zani.
【語種發音】:英語發音. 簡體中文字幕.
【影片內容】:時裝.成人.劇情.情色.驚悚.血腥.  等.
【影片片商】:Production Co: Compagnia Cinematografica Champion.


影片講述吸血鬼伯爵發覺自己要吸處女之血才能生存下去,於是他和妹妹及管家三人來到意大利,並很快把目標定在了一個富有的家族中,那家的四姐妹個個美麗 動人,尤其是老二和老三,他們兩人與家裡一個工人長期保持著曖昧關係,但卻騙伯爵說自己是處女,伯爵吸了她們的血之後,身體受到嚴重損害,他大發雷霆,並 開始對這個家族的每個人實施報復;一場激戰過後,家庭的成員所剩無幾,伯爵也把自己推向了滅亡…….

由《行屍走肉》原班人馬拍攝的另一部恐怖題材的電影,也是製作人安迪·沃霍爾與導演保羅·莫里塞的另一部作品,風格與《行屍走肉》一脈相承,詭異和恐 怖的氣氛被表現得淋漓盡致,影片公映時由於血腥暴力和赤裸裸的性場景過多,因此這些場景大部分被剪掉了,但此片標準版DVD則提供了完整的加長版本。

◎分級: 法國:-16  芬蘭:K-18  意大利:VM18  新西蘭:R16  阿根廷:18  澳大利亞:R  德國:16  德國:18  挪威:18  英國:18  美國:R  美國:X  西德:18


Udo Kier is without a doubt the sickliest of vampires in any director’s interpretation of the Bram Stoker tale. Count Dracula knows that if he fails to drink a required amount of pure virgin’s [pronounced “wirgin’s”] blood, it’s time to move into a permanent coffin. His assistant (Renfield?) suggests that the Count and he pick up his coffin and take a road trip to Italy, where families are known to be particularly religious, and therefore should be an excellent place to search for a virgin bride. They do, only to encounter a family with not one, but FOUR virgins, ready for marriage. The Count discovers one-by-one that the girls are not as pure as they say they are, meanwhile a handsome servant/Communist begins to observe strange behaviour from the girls who do spend the night with the Count. It’s a race for Dracula to discover who’s the real virgin, before he either dies from malnourishment or from the wooden stake of the Communist! ……


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