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Hollywood Babylon (1972)

Title:Hollywood Babylon
Year: 1972
Genres: Erotica, Drama
Country: USA
Languages: English
Size: 841498212 bytes (802.52 MiB)
Director: Van Guylder
Starring: Roger Gentry, Myron Griffin, Ashley Phillips, Uschi Digard, Marland Proctor, Maria Arnold, Dave Hagle, Matt Hewitt, Al Ward, Joe Stinson, Jane Allyson, Nora Wieternik, Suzanne Fields, Bunny Bronstein

Description: This is like a documentary on the scandals in the Golden Age of Hollywood during the 1920′s. Contains many reenactments of major scandals.
This is pure exploitation (in the best sense). You take some scenes from classic public domain films (Keaton etc.) mixed it with historical WWI footage and then you spice it up with some wild softcore re-enactments of the scandals from Kenneth Anger’s “Hollywood Babylon” book and, BANG!, you’ve got a hit! Oliver Stone, eat your heart out! Boobqueen Uschi (“Supervixens”, “Scavengers”, “Touch Of Sweden” etc.) Digart’s portrait of a lesbian Marlene Dietrich is a blast. More informative (and funnier) than Discovery History Channel! The slick but stale flicks of the PC 90′s can’t hold a candle to the wonderful world of 70′s exploitation cinema. So get your psychotronic kicks, daddy-o!

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