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Tsumugi (2004)

Also Known As: Seifuku bisyojo sensei atashi wo daite, Sora Aoi is Tsumugi
Country: Japan
Genre: Drama, Romance
Quality: DVDRip
Language: Original
Subtitle: Eng

Size: 700 MiB
Director: Hidekazu Takahara
Starring: Sola Aoi, Satoshi Kobayashi, Takashi Naha, Shigeru Nakano, Chiyoko Sakamachi

Description: Tsumugi, a girl with a crush on her teacher, discovers that the teacher is having an affair with another teacher. Complications ensue after Tsumugi manages to attract her teacher, but then begins falling for a fellow student.Tsumugi was named fourth best pink film release for 2004 at the “Pink Academy Awards”, the Pink Grand Prix. AV idol Sora Aoi was also given a “Best New Actress” award at the ceremony for her performance in this film.

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