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Secret Service of the Imperial Court / Police Pool of Blood (1984)

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Title: Secret Service of the Imperial Court
Other Titles: 錦衣衛, Gam yee wai, Jin yi wei
Year: 1984
Directed by: Tony Liu Jun Guk
Genre: Wuxia, Martial Arts
Runtime: 87 min
Country: Hong Kong
Language: Mandarin
Subtitles: English (not removable)
More info at: Imdb & Hkcinemagic
IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0199651/

Leung Kar Yan
Anthony Lau Wing
Nancy Hu Kuan Chen
Ku Feng
Lo Meng
Lo Lieh
Fong Yi Jan
Goo Goon Chung
Lau Yuk Pok
Philip Ko Fei
Lung Tien Hsiang
Jason Pai Piao
Sun Chien
Erik Chan Ga Kei
Chan Lau (2)
Cheng Miu
Cheung Lik
Jeng Kei Ying
Kwan Feng
Lau Siu Kwan
Tony Liu Jun Guk
Ngai Tim Choi
Pak Sha Lik
Shum Lo
Wang Han Chen
Wong Ching Ho
Wong Pau Gei


Longtime kung fu stalwart Leung Kar Yan (LEGEND OF A FIGHTER) plays Zhao Bufa, a sergeant of the Imperial Guards who runs afoul of Eunuch Wang (Liu Yung) when he objects to the Eunuch’s attempt to have a group of honest officers executed on false charges of treason. Eunuch Wang has become all-powerful since taking over the affairs of state by keeping the young, decadent Emperor supplied with a steady stream of nubile, eager-to-please young women (glimpsed in a rather surprising nude scene at the palace). Bufa’s stance puts his father, Zhao Wuji (Ku Feng), the Captain of the Brocade Guards, in an extremely difficult position, forcing him to order his son’s capture and execution, even though he knows the Eunuch is wrong, or else his entire clan will be wiped out. Zhao Bufa escapes with his wife and young son to join the rest of the Zhao Clan at their sprawling country estate. When the clan learns the full extent of the situation, Zhao Bufa must go on the run again as he is forced to fight family and foe alike.

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