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Fandango (1970)

Fandango (1970)
Also Known As: Mona’s Place, Cowboy Brothel
Country: USA
Genre: Western
Genre: Erotic, Western
Language: Original
Size: 830 MiB
Director: John Hayes
Starring: James Whitworth, Shawn Devereaux, Tony Vorno

Dan Murphy leads a group of gold miners into the California mountains where they set up camp. The men are besieged by food shortage, bitter cold, and Muck Mulligan and his gang of outlaws. In addition, the men are anxious for female companionship, so Murphy, along with Billy Busby and Sissy Sam, visits the Fandango Saloon in a nearby town, where Murphy convinces his longtime friend, Mona DeLyse, to send some of her prostitutes to Murphy’s camp. Meanwhile, Mulligan and his men are creating havoc in the town, and Murphy is injured in a gunfight with the gang. The next day Mona and three other women load their wagons and leave with the miners. During the journey, Sam’s lover, Pauline, is attacked and raped by Mulligan’s men. Upon arriving at the camp, the women satisfy the men’s sexual needs and then prepare to return to the Fandango Saloon, but their caravan is again attacked by Mulligan. Murphy’s miners come to their defense, and in the ensuing gunfight Billy is killed, and Murphy is injured. The women are captured and tortured by Mulligan, but Mona manages to shoot him. Later, Sam and Pauline are married, and Dan bids farewell to Mona, leaving her to her life of prostitution.

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