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The Six Devil Women (1996)

The Six Devil Women
AKA: Shenzhen gong lu qiang che sha ren an zhi liu mo nu (HK Title)
Year:  1996
Directed: Tony Ma Tin-Yiu
Genre: Adult / Crime
Runtime 1:28:47
Country: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese
Subtitles: English

Diana Pang Dan, Jimmy Wong Shu-Kei, Emana Leung Yuen-Man, Lee Suet-Man, Joey Yeung Oi-Ching

On the highway that connects Shanzhan airport with the town of BoOn there was corpse after corpse being found. The Police broke the case after half a year. The gang is led by Cheung Kin, total of 10 male 6 female. The female were responsible for seducing the victims on the highways and stations, the male is responsible to kill and to disguise as police officers to stop the cars for searchs. All of the loot, luxury cars were all taken to another provinces to sell.

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