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埃及艷后 II~性愛傳奇 (成人版) [AVI/1.26GB] [中文字幕]

【影片片名】:埃及艷后 II~性愛傳奇 (成人版) [中文字幕]
【影片譯名】:Cleopatra II The legend eros. (2004)
【平均評價】:★★★★★★★☆→7.1 顆星. (IMDb評價)
【影片大小】:1.26 GB
【影片格式】:AVI (D9→轉制AVI)
【視頻效果】:720X540 (清晰版)
【影片演員】:Julia Taylor, Alexa May, Bobbi Eden, Laura Angel, Rita Faltoyano, Sandra Russo, Jessica May, Lucie Theodorova, Robert Rosenberg, Steve Hooper, Nick Lang, Mick Blue, Zenza Raggi, Max Cortes. 等.
【語種發音】:英語發音. 簡體中文字幕.
【影片內容】:古裝.成人.劇情.色情. 口交. 狂歡.性愛.慾望.多人群交. 等.
【影片片商】:Production Co: Private Media.


故事發生在遙遠的古代,凱撒(提摩西·道爾頓Timothy Dalton飾)率軍佔領埃及後,22歲的埃及女子克莉巴特拉(蕾奧娜·維埃拉Leonor Varela飾)將自己的心靈和身體都獻給了稱王的凱撒,凱撒驚艷於克莉巴特拉的美貌,很快就成為了克莉巴特拉美貌的“俘虜”。在克莉巴特拉的慫恿之下,凱撒殺死了她企圖叛亂的姐姐和預謀篡謀奪位的弟弟,就這樣,克莉巴特拉成為了至高無上的埃及女王。

凱撒遇刺身亡後,克莉巴特拉又用她的美貌捕獲了羅馬大將安東尼(比利·贊恩Billy Zane飾)的心,後者在成為埃及總督後,贈與了克莉巴特拉廣闊的疆土和大筆的財產,甚至力排眾議,迎娶了這位埃及女王,導致了羅馬戰爭。安東尼死後,吳大維(魯伯特·格雷夫斯Rupert Graves飾)接手了政權,下令將克莉巴特拉處死。。

【User Reviews】:

The Legend of Eros left off from Cleopatra 1. Cleopatra has been resurrected and is now living with this guy Jeremy under full protection.
Whilst there, Cleopatra is having dreams from her past from the days when she was Queen. Although there some raunchy scenes on there.. I wouldn’t want to write anything..
As the movie goes on Luxuria (Laura Angel) is snooping around trying to find out more about the experiment. By going around asking question just to find out where they’ve hidden Cleopatra.
Yep! There’s more raunchy scenes afterwards but as the movie goes on, it seems that Cleopatra’s past has caught up with her.. As she makes love to Jeremy one last time. Cleopatra heads back to the tomb where she came from.. and I think you’ll know the rest.
For this, it completes the Cleopatra 1 and 2. Anyway, it was an amazing film. But hey! Antonio Adamo makes these films for people over 18. He’s won awards in his time…….

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