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Temptation Summary (1990)

Temptation Summary
Director: Fan Ho
subtitles:English and Chinese
Rate:Cat III
Mondi Yau Yuet-Ching   …   Margaret
Lee Chung-Ling  … Man Suen
Yau Yuk-Yue  … Susan Li
Ricky Chan Bo-Yuen … Ray Suen
Chui Hei-Man … Miss Cheung
Chan Kin-Yat … Man
Lui Lai-Si … Mary
Sophia M. Crawford … Sexy Nurse
Chow Shing-Boh … Kidnapper
Mantic Yiu Chi-Wan … Richy Suen’s Wife
Wong Ching-Ho … Richy Suen

The director Ho Fan set out to produce a movie with as much nudity as he could squeeze into it and he succeeded. The opening scene sets the tone. A blonde topless nurse tends to her patient in a most unconventional manner (think of Benny Hill or the Carry on gang) while African natives dance in the background.

The plot is so slight as to be non-existent. Confirmed bachelor Man Suen, a university professor, must get married by the age of 35 otherwise he and his playboy brother Ray Suen won’t inherit his father’s fortune of 50 million dollars which will then go to his uncle. He is unaware that his colleague, the prim Miss Cheung, is in love with him and that she dreams of being rescued by her super-costumed hero. His brother has met a young heiress and his uncle has hired a sexy siren to prevent his marriage. This is the setting for the three lead actresses to display a surprising amount of softcore nudity and they are very attractive eye candy.
导    演:何藩
类    型:剧情、成人
主    演:邱月清,李忠宁,邱玉茹, 陈宝辕

风流成性的富翁孙某将遗产给儿子大民及大为,但条件是民必须在30岁前结婚,否则将一半遗产捐为慈善基金,另一半则赠予堂叔孙万财。大民为人正直且内向, 堂叔派一艳女色诱不果,遂绑架民及其同事张女。大为等人着急之即,玛格莉出现在孙家,说出真相,大为奋不顾身冲入贼巢,发现民与张竟然……

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