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AKA:애인 (ae-in)
Directed by Lee Soong-hwan (이숭환)
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea
Genre:Drama •Melodrama •Romance
Runtime: 84min
Release date:South Korea : 2015/06/11
Moon Joo-yeon 문주연 As Sook-kyeong (숙경)
Choi Sang-joon 최상준 As Sang-rim (상림)
Kim Soo-jin-II 김수진 As Yeon-soo (연수)

One day Sang-rim grabs an once-in-a-lifetime chance under his harsh circumstances.
Sang-rim, without any qualifications or network, passed the document review with a large corporate company called SG Venture. He is finally hired as an intern right at the spot on the interview day by the female CEO of the company, Sook-kyeong, although the interviewers objected the decision.
Sang-rim has grown to admire the charismatic and attractive CEO and tries to work hard. However, it was not that easy. While Sang-rim keeps asking her to assign him to a different department, she shows him his contract with the private moneylender, Yong-geun and asks him to concentrate on her.
Sang-rim is perplexed as the sexy CEO keeps flirting with him. Although he becomes used to Sook-kyeong, Sang-rim still cannot understand her attitudes towards him. Meanwhile, Sang-rim becomes close to Yeon-soo, who is a newly hired intern.
아버지의 주식 빚으로 매일 사채업자(용근)에게 괴롭힘을 당하는 상림. 그런 그에게 절호의 찬스가 찾아온다. 빽도 없고 스팩도 없던 상림은 SG벤처라는 큰 기업의 서류면접에 합격 하게 되고 면접 당일 날 면접 관들의 수 많은 질타 속에 여사장 숙경은 상림을 최종 인턴으로 채용한다. 카리스마 있고 매력적인 여사장을 보며 상림은 동경의 마음을 가지게 되고 열심히 일하려 하지만 마음처럼 쉽지 않다. 상림은 여사장에게 다른 업무를 배속해 달라 ..

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