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Life is Peachy (2011)

Movie: Life is Peachy (International English title) / Ashamed (literal title / early English title)
Revised romanization: Changpihae
Hangul: 창피해
Director: Kim Soo-Hyun
Writer: Kim Soo-Hyun
Producer: Kim Bong-Hoon, Ahn Mong-Sik
World Premiere: October 2010 (Pusan International Film Festival)
Release Date: December 8, 2011
Runtime: 129 min.
File size : 1.54G
File format : mkv
Subtitles: Chinese/English (SRT)
Distributor: Mountain Pictures
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea

Kim Hyo-Jin as Joon Ji-Woo
Kim KKobbi as Kang Ji-Woo
Kim Sang-Hyeon as Jang Ji-Woo
Seo-Hyeon Jin as Hee-Jin
Choi Min-Yong as Det. Min-Yong
Woo Seung-Min as chef


Yoon Ji-Woo (Kim Hyo-Jin) is an employee for a department store. She feels disenchanted with her job which requires her to keep a fake smile on all day and massage the feet of VIP customers. Her personal life is not much better as she feels detachment from all of her past boyfriends. One day after work, Ji-Woo takes up a mannequin to the roof of the department store. Ji-Woo is thinking about committing suicide. She then places the mannequin on the ledge of the building and leaves for the street, where she will watch its fall.
Meanwhile, pickpocket Kang Ji-Woo (Kim Kkobbi) is caught in the act on the subway by an undercover cop. Before she is hauled away, one of Kang Ji-Woo’s accomplices stabs the police officer and takes Kang Ji-Woo away. Kang Ji-Woo and her unscrupulous accomplices drives off in a van. Before the van can get very far they crash into a falling mannequin. Standing nearby, department store employee Yoon Ji-Woo is horrified by what has happened.
The police officers arrive and handcuffs Kang Ji-Woo and Yoon Ji-Woo. The two women then sneak off while the police are distracted …

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