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Blood Kill Night Maze (1993)

Blood Kill Night Maze (1993)
Country: Country: Taiwan
Genre: Erotic | Drama
Language: Chinese
Subtitles : Chinese
Cast :李泰成 小松泰子 小森 劉志威 于恒 李茂居

Been night woman was killed after rape case, busy with the police.Officers are strong were ordered to pursue the case, and is strong reporter to interview his girlfriend jade hin, to engage in porn telephone xiaoling to meet at the restaurant, the boss meishucunian susceptibility is also the opportunity to strike up a conversation, then on the top of the mysterious killer xiaoling,
call even threatened to kill her, to have a friend with xiaoling, escape was killed after her bad luck, when the police got a call from the arrogance of the murderer, the police caught unprepared.Are strong unremitting development on the study of the case, the killer’s clutches has quietly to yu xin.
連續發生夜歸女子被先奸後殺的案件,忙得警方焦頭爛額。警官正強奉命追查此案,而正強的記者女友玉欣為了專訪,找來從事色情電話的小玲在餐廳見面,老闆梅 樹敏也借機搭訕,之後神秘的殺人兇手頂上了小玲,甚至打電話恐嚇要殺死她,小玲找來友人相陪,扔難逃被先奸後殺的厄運,此時警方更接到囂張的兇手打來的電 話,令警方手足無措。正強不懈的在研究案情的發展之時,魔掌已悄然伸向玉欣。

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