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Trilogy of Lust 2 (1996)

Trilogy of Lust 2  (1996)
AKA: Portrait Of A Sex Killer
Subtitles : Chinese/English
Julie Lee (Wa Yuet, Julie Riva)
Elvis Tsui Kam-Kong
Chin Gwan
Hoh Gei Yung
Chow Man Ho
Thomas Freitag

Plot: Star Julie Lee brings us this tale of revenge and lots of sex. A woman–having been raped repeatedly by her relatives as a girl–seduces, screws, and then kills as many men as possible–perhaps in an attempt to break the current “anger sex” world record. Seems like it would be more efficient to simply kill all the men rather than screwing them first, since she supposedly hates sex so much… Serial rapists and murderers are such hypocrites!

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