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Happy JinLian-Pan (2015)

Happy JinLian-Pan (2015)
Alternate Titles: 喜气洋洋小金莲, Xi Qi Yang Yang Xiao Jin Lian
Released: 30 Dec 2015
Runtime: 103 Mins
Genre: Comedy
Countries: China
Languages: Mandarin

Google translated:- Movie “beaming little feet” as Simon began Ximen medicine “Viagra” product search spokesperson, Ximen shown signs of Pan, and sometimes scared to Heaven, for the success of Outrageous, repeatedly molested, inducement Pan lotus, but as one love Muwu Song Pan. Tiger returned Wu jumped among the “rich handsome” in the column and embarked on a life peak, between Ximen and launched a fierce game, Wu Dalang sandwiched therebetween, give full play to amuse than nature, for the original ironic Drama icing on the cake, the story ending beyond all expectations.

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