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Nun in Rope Hell (1984)

Nun in Rope Hell (1984)
Movie: Convent Rope Hell AKA Shuudôjo Nawa Jigoku
AKA: 團鬼六 修道女繩地獄 / Dan Oniroku: Shuudôjo Nawa Jigoku
Genre: Pinku
Director: Katsuhiko Fujii
Writers: Oniroku Dan (story), Akira Nakano (screenplay)
Cinematographer: Yasuo Noda
Stars: Maya Ito, Asami Ogawa, Miki Takakura, Hiroshi Unayama, Hiromi Yamaguchi,
Shingo Yamamoto
Release Date: 25 May 1984
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: Chinese (hardsubbed)
English (none ATM)


A recent member at a convent, Sister BDSM (that’s what I’ll call her until I know her real name) finds that she’s been betrayed by her sisters and is offered up to a bondage fiend who likes to %#@! and torture young women and uses his remote controlled vibrator for nefarious means.

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