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Dynasty Tong Beauty (1999)

Dynasty Tong Beauty (1999)
Year………..: 2003
Director…….: Jimmy Leung Chi Ming, Richard Yeung Kuen
Casts……….: Tom Poon Jan Wai, Yeung Faan, Gung Suet Fa, Wong Wai, Fan Lei
Genre……….: Adult | CAT III
Country……..: Hong Kong
Language…….: Cantonese
Subtitles……: Chinese
IMDB Link …..: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3431694/
Also Known As..: Empress Wu,
Format………: DVDrip | 1.2 GiB | 79 mins | 720×544 | avi

Emperor Taizong Wu Mi into the palace in late life, it was Taizong favorite, Wu Mei and Prince Li Zhi mutual affection, Taizong saw two stolen love, in AD 499, Emperor Taizong angry end. After the collapse, Prince Li Zhi successor, is for the high. Li Zhi and Wu Mei early knot personal affair, Taizong died, Li Zhi Wu Mei back to his own palace, the character of weakness, Wu Mei is diligent initiative, Gaozong more willing to Wu Mei to participate in politics, in order to eradicate the queen and alienated , Wu Mei personally killed her daughter, blame it, so the real power fell into the hands of Wu Mei eventually boarded the Queen became Wu Zetian. And to the collapse of the Emperor, Prince Zhe ascended the throne, Zhongzang unwilling to be a puppet emperor, the result was to step down. Prince Dan adopted as the throne, the reign of a few years, because of weakness, Wu Zetian simply to break the tradition, their ascended the throne, and finally in the year nine nine O, self-styled Emperor of the Golden Wheel, change the country as the “week” and become China’s only history The female emperor.

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