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Chai Koi (2013)

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Chai Koi  (2013)
Released: 01 Jan 2013
Countries: Japan
Directed By: Hidehiro Ito
Actors: Naomi Kawashima Lee Tae-gang

Novelist Maiko (Kawashima Naomi) who visited Bangkok alone had a good job and love but had solitary without a go. Maiko encounters Korean Muay Thai boxer Ha Neul (Lee Taegan) living in Thailand in a town of a southern country wrapped in a steamy heat. Maiko, who was attracted by the appearance of Hanul, who is called a losing dog and continues his reckless challenge while taking a punch, asked him for a guide. Two people who keep shrinking distance while continuing conversation that does not understand words. In his room he dropped in, Maiko realized the desire to stand up. As if you were longing for this moment, they embraced each other and seek the body violently. Two people who are driven by the reliability of connecting tangle without fail. Setsuna ‘s love of fire burns two people, and at the end of it.

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