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Rosario Tijeras (2005)

Rosario Tijeras (2005)
Released: 12 Aug 2005
Runtime: 126 Mins
Genre: Drama Crime Romance Countries: Brazil Colombia Mexico Spain Languages: Spanish
Directed By: Emilio Maillé
Actors: Flora Martínez Unax Ugalde Manolo Cardona Rodrigo Oviedo Alejandra Borrero
Internal:  English   French   Portuguese

Alternate Titles: rosario – die eiskalte killerin rosario

Rosario Tijeras has been abused by men all her life, initially by her stepfather. Years later, she works as a paid assassin, seducing men and killing them when they least expect it. She meets Emilio, a wealthy womanizer, and his best friend, Antonio, at a nightclub, and starts an affair with Emilio despite Antonio’s growing feelings for her. But circumstances bring her closer to Antonio, until her past catches up with her in a devastating way.

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