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Fragments of Love (2016)

Fragments of Love (2016)
Released: 15 Apr 2016
Runtime: 89 Mins
Genre: Drama Romance Countries: Colombia Puerto Rico Languages: Spanish
Directed By: Fernando Vallejo Coraly Santaliz
Actors: Laura Aleman Luis Gonzaga Angélica Aragón Alfredo de Quesada Angelica Blandon José Ángel Bichir Teresita Gómez

Alternate Titles: fragments of love (2016)

Rodrigo, a piano-tuner and former composer fallen on hard times, begins a love affair with the soon-to-be-married Susana. When a bomb in the city of Medellín nearly kills them, Rodrigo and Susana surrender to their attraction and fall into each other’s arms. Cocooned in her apartment above the vibrant city, Susana opens up to him every night and tells him a story of each of the different men from her past. Her stories inspire him to compose again, but his obsession makes him jealous and paranoid. When Susana finally leaves her fiancée to be with Rodrigo, he becomes obsessed with her fidelity.

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