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Madame Evening Glory (1976)

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Madame Evening Glory (1976)
Released: 08 Dec 1976
Runtime: 69 Mins
Genre: Drama Countries: Japan Languages: Japanese
Directed By: Katsuhiko Fujii
Actors: Naomi Tani Erina Miyai Osamu Tsuruoka Tokuko Watanabe Shinshô Nakamaru Tamaki Katsura
Internal:  English   Japanese

Alternate Titles: 夕顔夫人 yūgao fujin flower of the night lady moonflower yugao fujin

Kizaki kidnaps Yuriko and engages in a rape and torture session with her, which he photographs. With the photos, he blackmails flower arrangement teacher Yumeji, Yuriko’s older sister. Rather than allow him to shame her clan by sending the photos to the media, Yumeji goes to Kizaki. Kizaki then proceeds to rape and torture Yumeji, who was his true desire all along.

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