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The fûfu kôkan: Hoshigaru tsumatachi (1991)

The fûfu kôkan: Hoshigaru tsumatachi (1991)
Released: 23 Feb 1991
Runtime: 52 Mins
Languages: Japanese
Alternate Titles: ザ・夫婦交換 欲しがる妻たち 人妻淫乱パーティー 相互不倫 Hitozuma inran party: Sôgo furin 今夜、妻が浮気します Konya tsuma ga uwaki shimasu

Takashi is an unequaled man who cannot be satisfied without holding his wife Akiko even before going to work at the company. He also has a relationship with his sister-in-law, Yoshiko, who visited her while his wife was away. The next target is Etsuko, a young wife of a neighbor who works together at the same company as Takashi. Takashi has Etsuko’s husband, Wataru, deliver the documents to a distant sales office, and in the meantime, holds Etsuko at the hotel. And I make a plan to enjoy with Etsuko more slowly …

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