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Devil Hunter (1980)

Devil Hunter (1980)
Released: 05 Dec 1980
Runtime: 101 Mins
Genre: Horror Countries: France Germany Spain Languages: Spanish
Directed By: Jesús Franco Lina Romay Jean-Pierre Ducroux
Actors: Ursula Buchfellner Al Cliver Antonio Mayans Antonio de Cabo Bertrand Altmann Gisela Hahn Muriel Montossé Werner Pochath Melo Costa Aline Mess Claude Boisson Tibi Costa
Internal:  English

Alternate Titles: el caníbal chasseurs d’hommes sexo-canibale o raptor sexo caníbal manhunter – o sequestro Сексуальный каннибал chasseur de l’enfer Дьявольский охотник jakten pa kidnapparna jungfrau unter kannibalen Секс с канибали to anurwpokynhghto il cacciatore di uomini el cazador de hombre

The lovely Laura, on a modelling job in South Africa, is kidnapped by a gang who carry her off into the jungle from where they demand a huge ransom. Two men set off in a helicopter to rescue her, little knowing what horrors Laura is enduring in the meantime in the savage clutches of a primitive and bloodthristy world. Laura’s rescuers not only have to face the cruel violence of her captors – but also the horrifying lust for blood of a primitive and cruel god.

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