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Rape Hunter: Torima (1986)

Rape Hunter: Torima (1986)
Released: 14 Jun 1986
Languages: Japanese

レイプハンター 通り魔

Director: Fumihiko Katô
Writer: Takeshi Saitô
Stars: Kaori Asô, Mami Sakaki, Kazuhiro Yamaji

Machine translation: “Sachiko Asakura, a single office lady who works for a luxury foreign car dealer, lives alone in an apartment, but now her junior Kyoko Someyama has fallen into her room until her broken heart is healed. Sachiko had been raped four years ago and she still attends obstetrics and gynecology to heal her emotional wounds. Her doctor, Kamiyama, kneaded the secret part of Sachiko lying on her examination table with her legs spread out, and secretly shot it in a video. For her Sachiko, this was her only outlet for frigidity. Sachiko, who returned to her home alone, was raped when a married woman named Michiko Koike was dissatisfied with her sexual life with her husband on her radio sexual experience confession program, which was inspiring. I heard the story. She gets a call from Kyoko, who works for a snack, around midnight, and she asks her to go to the laundromat to pick up her laundry. Someone is looking into her Sachiko with a telephoto lens. As she entered the unmanned laundry, a man in her black coveralls attacked from behind her and pushed her hips up. Kyoko and Mamoru Nishida in coveralls were staring at Sachiko, who managed to return to her room and lost her consciousness…….”

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