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Deaths in Tokimeki (1984)

Deaths in Tokimeki (1984)
Released: 18 Feb 1984
Runtime: 104 Mins
Genre: Drama Horror Crime Countries: Japan Languages: Japanese
Directed By: Yoshimitsu Morita Toshiyuki Mizutani
Actors: Kenji Sawada Kanako Higuchi Naoki Sugiura Haruko Kato Ittoku Kishibe Takeshi Kusaka Nobuko Miyamoto Shigeru Yazaki
Internal:  English

Alternate Titles: ときめきに死す tokimeki ni shisu

Deaths in Tokimeki tells the disturbing, compulsive story of a hit-man waiting to carry out a job: the assassination of the leader of a religious cult, masterminded by the leader’s own deputy. But it is a story that is told in blocks, like the phrases in a child’s computer game, and what counts most is not the narrative but the spaces between the blocks-the gaps that are filled with undefined menaces as potent as anything in Lovecraft.

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