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Sexual Husband Lover (1990)

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Sexual Husband Lover (1990)
Genre: Adult Countries: Taiwan Languages: Mandarin

Zhao Jun and Juan Juan are a loving couple, but Hao Ming, who has a crush on Juan Juan, voyeurized with a telescope. One night, Hao Ming sneaked into Juan Juan’s room and was found by Zhao Jun. Zhao Jun was injured in the beating and lost his sexual ability. Satisfied with Juanjuan, she decided to go to the United States for medical treatment. Juanjuan met again with Hao Ming. That night, the two long-backed desires were released in the courtyard. After that, the two were immersed in the love of love. , Zhao Jun returned from the United States, wanting to regain his husband and wife life, Haoming refused to break up, the driver Xiaoding and extorted money from Juanjuan in private, and even used love as a bargaining chip, both human and financial, a series of Tragedy ensued, a struggle between love and desire, step by step towards the destruction of tragedy …….(Google Translate)

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