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Professional Sex Performers: A Docu-Drama (1974)

Professional Sex Performers: A Docu-Drama (1974)

Genre: Drama Countries: Japan Languages: Japanese
aka: 実録エロ事師たち, Jitsuroku erogotoshitachi

Director: Chūsei Sone
Screenplay: Kikuma Shimoiizaka
Stars: Akemi Nijō, Mariko Hoshi, Hyōe Enoki

Machine translation: “Wet limbs that burn mysteriously with hot eyes. Nikkatsu Roman Porno depicting the sorrows of erotic teachers living at the bottom! !! Fun to see, joy to show! Professional pleasures that get wet with true luster and get drunk with crazy SEX! !! A couple of Nakayama and Haruko who play “Shirokurosho” by mediation of self-proclaimed sex promotion president Tonoyama. Nishizawa, a guest who was impressed by the show, was not confident in sex and became a disciple of three people in order to look back on his wife Yukari. However, the cooperation of the three people is also empty, and Nishizawa’s worries cannot be resolved, and he becomes more and more depressed. Haruko, who had sympathy for Nishizawa, invited herself to the motel. Then, how about, Nishizawa mysteriously showed a look of joy at Haruko’s gentle caress. A unique work that depicts the sorrows of men and women who live strong at the bottom of society, with the theme of “white black show” that sells sex.”

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