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Female Beautician Rope Discipline (1981)

Female Beautician Rope Discipline (1981)
Released: 27 Nov 1981
Runtime: 68 Mins
Genre: Drama Thriller Crime Countries: Japan Languages: Japanese
Directed By: Hidehiro Ito Fumihiko Kato
Actors: Junko Mabuki Shinshō Nakamaru Yoichi Sase Mimi Sawaki Sumiko Minami Jun Ueno Akira Matsuda Takayasu Kinoshita Eri Fuse Midori Mori Izumi Shima
Internal:  English   Japanese

Alternate Titles: 団鬼六 女美容師縄飼育 dan oniroku onna biyoshi nawa shiku

Hairstylist Misa meets S&M enthusiast Ippei and is convinced to give it a try. Then later, Ippei’s ex-wife, who happens to be one of Misa’s beauty shop clients, begins a sexual relationship with her. The lesbian affair is also accentuated by some more S&M.

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