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The Sex Cannon Ball Run 2013 (2014)

The Sex Cannon Ball Run 2013 (2014)
Released: 01 Jan 2014
Runtime: 134 Mins
Genre: Action Comedy Languages: Japanese
Directed By: Company Matsuo
Actors: Michiru Arashiyama Turtle Imada Company Matsuo Baksheesh Yamashita
Alternate Titles: 劇場版 テレクラキャノンボール2013

Pinku from 2014.

From Tokyo to Sapporo via Sendai and Aomori. Three cars and two motorcycles race through the race, catching local amateurs by making full use of teleclubs, pick-ups, and various dating sites to set them down! The fastest and strongest AV deciding game “Teleclub Cannonball” has opened for the first time in five years.
The contestants are the unlicensed champ of the previous work “2009” (*Bebop Minoru) and the well-known filming captain (Company Matsuo), three veterans of the gourmet king (Baxi Yamashita) who is an ally and hates to lose, and three freshmen from Hamadzim (Turtle Imada) who is the first bimbo killer from Hamadzim (Turtle Imada), the perverted young head of Hamadzim (Ryoi Hajime), and h.m.p.’s Michiru Arashiyama who is a porn star. The grueling week-long race, with a total distance of 1,500 kilometers, had begun. The reward for the winner is a cash prize and a prize for h.m.p. Mayu Kamiya, a porn idol who was an exclusive actress and retired completely at the end of 2012. In addition, the miraculous boyne* Niiyama Kaede’s W-ball girl with a preeminent style and ardent Hama Jim love can be fucked freely in the private room of the ferry return!
Why run, why set up, and why live?
What do we ask for, what do we turn to, what do we cry for?
Despite being exhausted from the tough fight that has started, he continues to aim for the first place and run.
For money, for honor, for yourself, for you.
When you swallow everything and run, you will see yourself.
Whether you’re awake or numb, whether you’re tired, defeated, or not doing well, don’t give up.
There is no turning back now.
The ridiculous battle of the hot summer begins now, with hot guys putting their intellect, physical strength, and human strength to take on the first place!

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