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A Wild Party (1993)

A Wild Party (1993)
Released: 05 Mar 1993
Runtime: 88 Mins
Genre: Drama Countries: Hong Kong
Directed By: Wong Pak Tse
Actors: Pauline Chan Chim Bing-Hei Cindy Yip Ruby Jo Yi Wong Vincent Lam Wai
Internal:  Chinese   English

Alternate Titles: 現代情慾篇之換妻檔案

Dr. Poon is a psychiatrist who espouses the therapeutic benefits of wild, screaming group sex. He tells Susan, a recent divorcée who is disenchanted with love and men, that the only way she is going to get over her ex-husband is to watch him have sex with some other woman. When she acquiesces to her shrink’s suggestion, Poon insists that he also be present for professional reasons. Meanwhile he coerces his Mainland-born nurse Siu-ying to attend these swingers’ parties posing as his wife. There Siu-yang meets Lee Keung, a love-starved divorcee, who falls for the comely young nurse. Soon the two long to flee the soulless, bacchanalian group with which they have become intertwined.

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