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Pornmaking for Dummies (2007)

Pornmaking for Dummies (2007)
Released: 15 Sep 2007
Runtime: 71 Mins
Genre: Drama Comedy Languages: Korean
Directed By: Kong Ja-kwan
Actors: Cho Jae-wan Kim Dong-soo Jeong So-jin Kim Yang-hoon Jang Tae-seong Che Se-ra

Alternate Titles: 색화동 saekhwadong the sex film

Jin-gyu, an out of work film school graduate, applies for the position of director with pornographic film company Only4Men. The following day he is hired as an assistant director for a production called All Nude Boy, and must become accustomed to working with makeshift locations, impromptu settings, and abuse from the general public. The production’s lead actress, Sabine, becomes attracted to him, and the two end up spending the night together after a staff dinner. Later, Jin-gyu gets an offer to work on a real film for a major production company.

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