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Promiscuous Wife’s Sexuality: Pleasure Hunting (1992)

Promiscuous Wife’s Sexuality: Pleasure Hunting (1992)
Released: 29 Aug 1992
Runtime: 58 Mins
Genre: Drama Countries: Japan Languages: Japanese
Directed By: Toshiki Sato Toshiya Ueno
Actors: Kanako Kishi Saki Kurihara Mineo Sugiura Etō Yasunori Tōru Nakane Daikei Shimizu
Internal:  English

Alternate Titles: 不倫妻の性 快楽あさり simple story furinzuma no sei: kairaku asari tanjun na hanashi kôshoku tain: tsuma hatsujô ekisu 単純な話

Fumio, who works at an ironworks, has an affair with Yoko, the wife of the president of the ironworks. The wife of Shimizu, a detective who investigates Yoko’s background at the request of Nobuo, the president of the company, is also having an affair with his mistress, Kenichi. Nobuo becomes angry and impulsive. Upon receiving the report, a jealous Nobuo impulsively kills Shimizu and appears with an iron pipe in front of Fumio and Yoko, who are entangled in an ironworks. The story accelerates toward the end as the impulsive murderer brings together a man and a woman in a love-hate relationship at a villa in Izu….

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