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Noodle Not for Eat (1996)

Noodle Not for Eat (1996)
Released: 30 Jun 1996
Runtime: 96 Mins
Genre: Horror Countries: Taiwan
Directed By: Chang Yan-Kit
Actors: Chan Pooi-Kei Jack Wong Wai-Leung Ti Na June Chan Kei
Internal:  Chinese

Alternate Titles: 人頭肉骨茶麵 the head noodle 生死戀之-人頭肉骨茶麵 noodles not for eating

Zhao Tianju and Yimei are married lovers and live a sweet life. Unfortunately, under the arrangement of the detective Ho, who secretly loves Yimei, Tianju is planted into drug trafficking, extorted confession into punishment, and then imprisoned. Interpol He took advantage of the opportunity to occupy Iraq and the United States, and then lived in the same room. After Tianju was released from prison, he was threatened by criminal police. No company dared to hire him. After losing his beloved, Tianju was hitting a wall everywhere. He was forced to join his prison friend Hong and live in the country, and with Hong’s sister Lingling. Have an intimate relationship. At the same time, Yimei forced Interpol He to divorce his wife and marry her. Interpol He bit his head and went back to the country to find his wife and asked for a divorce. When his wife refused, he killed his wife and children, destroyed the body and cooked it into Bak Kut Teh and without his father, sold Bak Kut Teh Noodles…

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