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Aoi-chan Won’t Let Me Do It (2021)

Aoi-chan Won’t Let Me Do It (2021)
Released: 11 Jun 2021
Runtime: 97 Mins
Genre: Drama Comedy Romance Countries: Japan Languages: Japanese
Directed By: Shinji Imaoka
Actors: Mako Komaki Shohei Matsuzaki Ryu Morioka Kizuna Sakura Tomoya Masuda Kan Mikami Sōichirō Tanaka

Alternate Titles: 葵ちゃんはやらせてくれない

In front of a man who wants to be a movie director, Shingo, the ghost of Mr. Kawashita, who was a senior in the college film research department who committed suicide a year ago, suddenly appears on his death anniversary. Mr. Kawashita says that he was revived because he wanted to have sex with his junior, Aoi, who had a crush on him when he was in college. In order to fulfill his desire to work with Aoi-chan, Kawashita-san and Shingo will travel back in time on that day when he was in college, which was probably the only chance for Kawashita-san to work with Aoi-chan. There was a nostalgic college Aoi-chan there. Can Mr. Kawashita redo the past and do it with Aoi-chan? It’s funny, but a little sad time slip love story begins.

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