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Monk Tang Cho – Virgin Power (2002)

Monk Tang Cho – Virgin Power
main information
english title Monk Tang Cho – Virgin Power
original title 灯草和尚之素女经
year 2002
country Hong-Kong
Running Time: 84 mins. (approx.)
Resolution :352×288
Size 696 MB

Cast & crew
Director AH Bu
Actor:AKENO Junko
Samantha CHU
Jenny YAM Kwong Sau

Genres: erotic
Category III
Classification : Hong-Kong: 18 or more only

Plot: A monk who specializes in a unique form of sex-based kung fu known as “Virgin Power” enters into a lusty competition with another sex-fu expert in this scintillating Category III outing starring Ng Ting, Chow Ka Yu, and Yum Kong Sau. One day, while passing through a small-town, “Virgin Power” master Tang Cho crosses paths with sure-footed sex-fu expert Choi Yee. Now, in order to help restore the local hotel owner’s sex power, Tang Cho and Choi Yee enter into a sexually charged contest. Meanwhile, the hotel owner’s wife has grown jealous of the couple’s adopted daughter Fong, and begins paying the notorious “Five Monsters” to rape the hapless girl. As the hotel owner declares his love for Fong, Tang Cho and Choi Lee compete to determine who is the number one sex expert.

简体中文名: 灯草和尚之素女经
导演: 人杰
领衔主演:吴庭饰 朱恩珊 任港秀 朱野纯子
制片国家/地区: 香港 /台湾
影片时长: 96分钟
电影大小:696 MB
电影简介: 古代有一另类僧人灯草和尚(吴庭饰)参透阴阳五行,以性爱功夫“素女经”闻名於世。某天途经一小镇,巧遇“性”门第一大族白家后人采儿(任港秀饰),双方均是“性”门高手,二人籍著帮助客栈掌柜回春,不断比并性爱功夫。掌柜夫人(朱恩珊饰))因不满养女艳芳(朱野纯子饰)姿色胜过自己,找来江湖采花大盗,幸得灯草和尚相救,得以脱离险境,但贞节已不保,此时亦揭发是掌柜夫人从中搅鬼。正当掌柜准备休去妻子时,才发现自己真正所爱是艳芳 …



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