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Mida (2004)


Director: Nirand Thammapricha
Cast: Mathurot Loetsakda, Thiwthawat Chuensawong, Anuson Techapanya

Plot Synopsis
In the mountains north of Chiang Rai an animistic hill tribe follows their ancient beliefs. One such belief is that a widow known as a “Mida” must be appointed to teach men how to have sex before they marry so that they can have lots of children. This is a great honor for anyone that gets this position.
In this film the appointment is given to the highly intelligent “Ah Por”. She soon becomes one of the village leaders helping the locals in many other ways and is highly respected by all. One day some young pimps from Bangkok show up with the intention of convincing the local girls to go to work in brothels down there.
They employ two locals to help them and pay them with things like tape recorders, watches and clothing. Despite the pleas of “Ah Por” and others several go but one decides to remain. Once they leave the two who got the tape recorders etc. find out they cannot buy batteries up there, have no electricity and realize they have been cheated. The local people then begin to hate outsiders. Another Bangkok man comes up and at first they think he is just another pimp but find out he is a volunteer teacher. What fate awaits him, “Ah Por” and the girls who decided not to go?

AKA: มิดะ
Year: 2004
Country: Thailand
Language: Thai
Subtitles: English
Film Genre: Drama / Erotic
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File Format: MP4
Size 1.09 GB
Video Codec: x264 core119 r2119
Resolution: 688 x 336
Frame Rate: 25 fps
Video Bitrate: 1440 2-pass
Audio Codec: AAC-LC
Audio Channels: 5.1
Audio Bitrate: 331 ABR 2-pass
Video Runtime: 1 hour 27 mins



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