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弱点Blind Side[菲律宾限制級](AVI@2空@无字)

原名 Blind Side
主演: Don Romantico
类型: 剧情 / 爱情 / 犯罪
制片国家/地区: 菲律宾
语言: 菲律宾语
格式 AVI
大小 647 MB
上映日期: 2008
IMDb链接: tt1330559

Blind Side的剧情简介   · · · · · ·
A young playboy beds his sexy officemate, only to discover she has an equally delectable younger sister.The catch: little sis just recently lost her sight (and her boyfriend) from a car crash.The upside; she walks around in the nude thinking she’s all alone in the house with big sis.The playboy can’t believe his luck. He schemes to stay in the house while his new girlfriend goes to work the next day and watches the troubled and unsuspecting sister in all her naked glory.It doesn’t take long before the naughty voyeur turns into a reckless predator.But is his prey as defenseless as he thinks?
一个年轻的花花公子勾引了他的一个性感的同事,发现她有一个同样美丽的妹妹。需要注意的是:小妹妹最近刚刚失去了她的视力(和她的男友)从一场车祸。好 处;瞧见她在浴室裸体的的时候花花公子无法相信自己的好运。他计划呆在家里趁他的新女友去上班的机会对毫无戒心又瞎了的妹妹下手……

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