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Ghost Bride – 鬼娘子 [1992]

May is a man who, in order to reincarnate to an honorable situation, must remain a virgin for three lifetimes. But the evil (and titular) witch has other ideas. She tricks him, then screws him, then kills him. Now dead, May becomes the servant of the prince of hell, whose parents want to marry him off. But despite being offered the choice of 73 beauties, he rejects them all as being too old. The prince (who, like the other inhabitants of hell, is quite a nice guy) is mad about Chin … but she’s “on the corps side” – that is, in the land of the living. May is instructed to accompany the prince through the tricky task of getting to know and woo the living girl. But the witch is still around, and still after May…..

Release Year : 1992
Origin : Hong Kong, Taiwan
Genre: Erotic, Horror, Comedy
Director : Mark Lung Goon-Mo
Starring: Lam Wai,Ben Lam Kwok-Bun,Gam Gei,Jack Lung Sai-Ga,Angela Mao Ying,Pak Yue-San,Boon Saam,Goo Chang,Mark Lung Goon-M
◎片    名:鬼娘子
◎年  代:1992
◎地    区:  港台
◎类  别:三级
◎片  长:87:29
◎语  言:国语
◎字  幕:中英文字幕
◎导  演:龙冠武
◎监    制:金长梁  吴国仁
◎主  演:林国斌  林威  古铮  茅瑛  金姬  白雨晨  龙冠武  李海兴
◎剧    情:
道士四眉有魔界鬼娘子世代结怨,今生四眉被鬼娘子所迷惑,鬼娘子欲吸取四眉的元阳,四眉为保贞洁咬舌自尽,来到地府伺候鬼界太子;一日一小女倩倩为寻哥哥 遭遇两个登徒浪子调戏,鬼太子出手相救,亦对倩倩产生爱慕;此时鬼王为太子选亲,太子只对倩倩情有独钟,鬼王派四眉陪太子到阳间招亲,魔界鬼娘子出来阻 挠,一场鬼魔大战就此展开……

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