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Blood Royale | Blood Royal Princess (2002)

Year: 2002
Episodes: 2 + 2 Extra video
Categories: 18 Restricted, Anal, Bestiality, Bondage, Erotic Game, Nudity, Rape, Sex, Tentacles, Yuri
Director: Minamizawa Juuhach
Production: AT-2 Project
Alt Title: ブラッドロイヤル (Japanese)

Two Princesses are try to run away from their homelands only to end up in the hands of a pirate majoring in sexual training. This is a story about how these two persevere and get through this torture. A perverted pirate sails the seven seas, armed with a torture chamber and his depraved imagination. Nothing is off limits in this bizarre excursion into a world of erotic peril.



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